When a student leaves our care, our aim is that they will be completely bilingual in English and French,
and will have acquired the basis of a lifelong multilingual ability.

Welcome to Junior EIFA

I am delighted to welcome you to EIFA, our international school in Marylebone.

EIFA is a full-time bilingual French and English School following the French National curriculum taught both in English and French by native speakers.

Our aim is to provide our students with solid academic foundations both in French and English and encourage them to fulfil their potential through a multicultural environment. We make sure our students are safe, happy and protected against any form of bullying. We encourage them to take initiatives, to open their minds to different cultures and traditions and respect and promote the British and French values.

Our staff is enthusiastic and dedicated to help the children in their development, adapting the teaching to each of them according to their needs in a way that will always encourage their self-confidence as we believe strongly that every child can learn and progress if they have the right tools and time devoted to them.

We look forward to meeting you and your children and to welcoming you to our school.

Françoise Zurbach, Head of School

Parents’ Guide 2022-2023

Early Years pre-prep

Our Pre-prep department pays the utmost attention to very young children. Our teachers provide the basic foundation required for them to start on their journey of academic success, while taking care to be respectful of each child’s personality. This positive learning environment greatly facilitates early learning.

The classrooms are large and bright, allowing the teachers to pay individual attention to each child. The warm, friendly environment nurtures the confidence of small children, thus providing a solid beginning to their education.

The children will spend most of their day in a bilingual environment. Children who are not French-native speakers, will “absorb” the necessary vocabulary from the various learning activities.

Two adults are present in the classroom at all times: a teacher and a teaching assistant. The teacher and teaching assistant use their native languages when they address the children.

The teachers progressively stimulate the study of both languages while enhancing vocabulary. The students are carefully prepared in reading, handwriting and mathematical skills. The teachers stimulate the children’s awareness of all their senses so that, by the age of 6, the children are ready to explore and deepen their knowledge, are capable of clear communication and reading is a pleasurable activity. The children are also familiar with numbers, time, measuring and so forth.

In Science, the teachers explore a variety of live creatures and materials with the objective of stimulating the child’s curiosity.

The various classroom activities include a sandbox, toys, corners for role-play, books, games, puzzles and construction toys. These activities stimulate the children’s imagination and develop their knowledge of shapes and understanding of space. Moreover, they develop communication skills and the ability to work in groups.

PE classes are held twice a week. The nursery school programme also includes classes in rhythm, dance, music, art, drama and gross and fine motor skills.

All of these various activities work together towards the development and improvement of their spatial skills.

The social interaction and variety of games provide a complete educational base.

Parents are regularly updated through a journal and information relative to a specific child’s progress is obtained through timely contacts with the teachers. The programme is taught in French and in English. This allows non-Francophone and non-Anglophone children to acquire new language skills naturally.

Junior EIFA prep curriculum

During the five-year primary programme, the children will acquire and develop a solid knowledge of both languages. This will contribute considerably to their overall development.

At the end of Year 6, they will have the ability to function in the two languages with significant ease and the drama classes will help develop their self-confidence as well as the acquisition, and development of their interpersonal skills. Since there will be children of many nationalities in the school, they will become more open to other cultures and, therefore, become more tolerant.

In KS1, the focus is still on the attainment of the two languages and the child will learn to read, write and count in a very structured manner. The children will have two dedicated teachers, a native French-speaking teacher and a native English-speaking teacher, both of whom will be in class every day. They will work as a team to ensure that each child achieves the appropriate level required by the curriculum. In Year 2, a teaching assistant will also work with the children daily to facilitate their learning.

In KS2, all subjects are taught in English and French as the weeks progress in equal time periods. The students reinforce, consolidate and broaden their linguistic attainment through the whole curriculum. Communication abilities are accelerated and improved and these contribute to deepen the reasoning faculty of the child. As in KS1, the children will have two dedicated teachers; a native French-speaking teacher and a native English-speaking teacher, both of whom will be in class every day. They will work as a team to ensure that each child achieves the appropriate level required by the French curriculum.

Both English and French will be used during the teaching of all subjects of the primary curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach encourages children to establish connections in many areas: Maths, French, English, History, Geography and Science.

Other specialised courses such as Drama, Music, Art, ICT, and PE complete and enrich the bilingual experience.


We offer a wide variety of sports which ensures that all students are able to take part or compete in this important area of school life regardless of their talents or skills.

We value sport not only for the health and fitness benefits it provides but also for the values it instils: discipline, independence, determination, camaraderie and teamwork.

Students are encouraged to participate at all levels and they can be confident of receiving excellent coaching and an opportunity to represent EIFA in matches against other schools.

Drop-off and collection

Please see the Back to School information here.

Extra curricular

Subject to demand, EIFA offers a wide range of optional extra-curricular activities in the afternoon, from 3.30pm to 5.00pm. The activities are offered to all students registered in the School.

At the beginning of every term, parents will have the option to enrol their children in the homework club and/or an after-school club. The “clubs” activities include various sports, foreign languages, visual arts, STEAM, coding, drama, private music tuition or simply the homework club. These clubs are offered in either English or French. It is another great opportunity for your child to practise either language outside the classroom setting.

We hope that you will like our range of after-school activities.

Early years after-school care

Apart from being a place where parents can drop off their children and are supervised, the After-school care offers a range of activities that will stimulate the children’s reasoning skills, gross and fine motor skills and bonding skills.

Children will be in an educative environment that is familiar to them. They will take part in structured or non-structured activities of their choice (such as games, crafts, reading, cinema, etc.), all supervised and guided by a member of the teaching staff.

Fees are payable in advance via via Parentpay (https://www.parentpay.com) at the beginning of each term (September – December – March). Fees for clubs are non-refundable. A child may be admitted to the After-school care when the fee is paid in full. Full fee is charged, whether or not a student attended all sessions.

Homework club

A Homework Club is offered to prep and secondary students only. Teachers will help the students with their studies and homework.

Afternoon: From 3.30pm to 5.00pm session.

Fees are payable in advance via Parentpay (https://www.parentpay.com) at the beginning of each term (September – December – March). Fees for clubs are non-refundable. Full fee is charged, whether or not a student attended all sessions.

A student may be admitted to the Homework Club when the fee is paid in full. In exceptional cases, a student can attend a Homework Club if the parent notifies the Head of School in advance. Fees are payable in advance via Parentpay (https://www.parentpay.com)

After-school clubs and activities

Different weekly After-school clubs are offered in small groups of students. Activities range from art, drama, to sport and music. Members of the teaching staff, educators or professional coaches will operate the After-school clubs. Details of clubs on offer will be provided at the beginning of each term.

Afternoon: From 3.30pm to 4.30pm session.

Depending on the activity, fees vary between £90 and £150/term. Fees are payable in advance via Parentpay (https://www.parentpay.com) before beginning of each term. Fees for clubs are non-refundable. A student may be admitted to an After-school club when the fee is paid in full. Full fee is charged, whether or not a student attended all sessions.

Private music tuition

EIFA offers weekly private music tuition for violin. Lessons are provided by qualified music teachers at the school.

During the academic year, fees per 30-minute sessions and 45-minute sessions will be defined at the beginning of the year. Fees are payable in advance via Parentpay (https://www.parentpay.com) before beginning of each term.

For more information, please contact the the school Registrar at: registrar@eifaschool.com.

Junior eifa staff

All our French teachers are French native speakers; they are all certified or hold a teaching diploma from the French Ministry of Education. All our English teachers are qualified, native English speakers, with experience teaching in their home countries as well as in schools around the world.


EIFA welcomes applications for admission from all students regardless of nationality, religion or gender. Applications are considered throughout the year and visitors are always welcome to make an appointment to receive a private tour of our school.

There are no formal examination requirements at EIFA. However students are required to demonstrate good academic achievement and ability. Where classes are over-subscribed, priority is given to siblings and Westminster residents.

Minimum level of English or French required

Up to Year 8 we accept children who have not yet mastered one of the two languages of instruction, French or English.


Applications will be reviewed and a decision taken regarding acceptance only when all of the documents listed below have been received:

A completed and signed Application Form together with a photograph of the student and the Registration Fee.

A complete official transcript of the student’s school record including the results of any standardised testing or other assessments. Parents should request an official transcript to be sent directly to EIFA from each school attended in the last three years, if applicable.

A copy of the child’s passport and birth certificate.

The completed and signed medical form.

If you have any additional questions on any aspect of the admission process, or if you wish to book an appointment, visit our school or meet Mme Zurbach, do not hesitate to contact the school’s Registrar:

e: registrar@eifaschool.com   |   t:  +44 20 7637 5351

Our vision is to present a truly bilingual environment, a school where a combination of high quality,
imaginative and engaging teaching gives students the priceless gift of two mother tongues.

Junior EIFA Fees


Academic Year

2022 - 2023



New Pupils Administrative Fee (One-off, non-refundable)


New Pupils School Deposit (One-off, refundable)


SCHOOL FEES (per term)





Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6


·         School fees include lunch, day trips, IGCSE assessment fee, Brevet National registration fee,

as well as IB exam fees

·         A 5% discount is applicable on fees paid yearly in advance

·         A 5% discount per sibling applies to the second child, up to 15% in total (3 siblings)

·         School fees are subject to yearly reviews


Payment of Fees

School fees are payable termly in advance, and accounts must be settled in full on, or before, the first day of each term. Interest will be charged on overdue fees. Students will not be allowed to start school until invoices have been settled.

Extras – other costs incurred by the School or the student on the student’s behalf will be charged as extras, including transport, residential trips, after-school clubs, PE kit, lost or damaged books, iPads/laptops, private music tuition. 

Payment may be made by BACS to:
L’Ecole Internationale Franco Anglaise Ltd

HSBC Bank PLC (60 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4TR)
Sort Code: 401160
Account No.: 70723347
IBAN No.: GB83HBUK40116070723347
Swift Code: HBUKGB4B

Please quote the Child’s Name when making a Direct Payment.

Please note that a full term’s written notice is required for the withdrawal of your child from EIFA or a term’s fees in lieu will be due. A term’s notice means notice given on or before the last day of term prior to the child’s withdrawal, in writing. Notices must be emailed to the Head of School, hand delivered or sent by recorded or guaranteed delivery post to EIFA: 36 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LS. Fees are also payable if EIFA school is closed for any event beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to, lack of essential services and weather conditions.

Please note that all international bank transfers are to be made net of all bank fees.  EIFA reserves the right to invoice parents all bank fees charged to the school.

Late Payment

EIFA school reserves the right to charge interest at 5% above the base rate for the time being for late payment of fees.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully before signing the Acceptance Form.

School Supplies

For Nursery and Reception children

a full change of clothes
a blanket for nap time (Nursery only)
a small school bag
an apron for the art lessons (an old T-shirt or shirt is fine)
a pair of Wellington boots
EIFA PE Kit available HERE.

For the Y1 to Y6 children:

1 strong school bag (no wheels) big enough for a big binder
an apron for the art lessons (an old T-shirt or shirt is fine)
a pair of Wellington boots
EIFA PE Kit available HERE.

1 pencil case with:

coloured pencils
coloured felt tip medium sized felt tip pens
1 rigid 30 cm ruler

1 other pencil case with:

6 ball point pens (2 green, 2 blue, 1 red and 1 black) but no 4 colour pens
2 HB pencils
1 rubber
1 pencil sharpener
1 pair of metal scissors with rounded tips
1 white glue sticks
1 small ruler to underline (to put in the pencil case)

+ for students from Y3

1 cartridge pen & some spare cartridges
1 ink eraser

+ for students of Y5 & Y6

1 set square
1 compass

Please label all supplies with your child’s name, including pencils.


A set of textbooks is lent to each student for the duration of the school year. At the end of the year, or earlier for transferring students, the books must be returned in the condition in which they were issued, allowance being made for normal wear and tear.

A charge will be made for textbooks and library books lost or damaged beyond the accepted standard.

From Nursery to Year 6, certain stationery items will be provided by the School. From Year 7 onwards, students are responsible for providing their own stationery and personal equipment.

Quality at the heart of everything we do.

EIFA is an approved centre to offer iGCSEs with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), as well as Edexcel International GCSEs qualifications from Pearson, which are studied in over 55 countries worldwide and at over 350 independent schools in the UK.

EIFA is an IB World School offering the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme.

EIFA is an MLF approved school and AEFE partner.