What our parents say.

The support we have received from our parents during this challenging time is simply overwhelming and we are grateful to you all. Our teaching and administrative staff are extremely committed and your encouragements motivate them even more.

We have unashamedly published excerpts of the many messages received, for EIFA staff and everyone to see.

Thank you again.
Françoise Zurbach,  Head of School

Ce que disent nos parents

Le soutien que l’école reçoit de nos parents est inestimable et nous en sommes tous très reconnaissants. Notre personnel enseignant et administratif est énormément engagé et vos encouragements le motivent d’encore plus.

Nous sommes donc fiers de publier des extraits des nombreux messages que nous recevons.

Je vous en remercie,
Françoise Zurbach, Chef d’Établissement


“We think you are all doing an amazing job and the whole system is working really well.
We really appreciate everything and can see how much extra time and effort you are putting in, in a difficult situation!”


“Thank you so much for your amazing work and going the extra mile to help our children keep up with all the activities and learning.”


« Un immense merci pour tout ce que vous faites c’est formidable ! Le mix travail ludique et plus sérieux est très bien réparti et Zoé accepte bien volontiers de travailler. Et maintenant Zoé fait du yoga ! »

GS–Y1 & CM2-Y6

“I also would like to thank you for the great continuity of teaching you have ensured since day 1 of self-isolation.”

GS–Y1; CE1-Y3 & CM2-Y6

“I can assure you that I am speaking for all the parents when I tell you how grateful to you for not only delivering an online home-schooling experience but exceeding our expectations. Truly remarkable.”


« Merci beaucoup, c’est déjà formidable en l’état actuel. Et une prouesse d’avoir organisé cela en si peu de temps. Constance est très contente même si tout le monde (enseignants et amis) lui manque. »

MS-Reception; CE2-Y4; CM2-Y6 & 6ème-Y7

“The school is doing an amazing job keeping the children disciplined and learning, this is fantastic.”


“It seems school days are quite similar to what they used to, thanks to Google meet, which allows the kids to follow the class and stay in touch with the teachers. I am grateful to the teachers who perfectly adapted, the change was a big challenge and I think it’s a big success. Congrats to all teachers !”


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