We are proud of the diversity of our pupils and the all-inclusive nature of our School. We believe in the importance of nurturing talent and high achievement. Scholarships offer pupils opportunities, as well as recognise and celebrate outstanding commitment and potential in a range of disciplines.
We look to make such awards to gifted and talented pupils who will be a credit to themselves and the School.

EIFA scholarships are offered to new pupils entering our School. Scholarships are not means tested and may be held in more than one discipline simultaneously.

These are awarded for:

  • Academic excellence in one or more fields of study;
  • In recognition of a pupil’s creative artistry; and/or
  • Pupils who demonstrate outstanding potential to succeed.
  • Scholarship pupils are expected to demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm (academic and non-academic) as well as maintaining high levels of attendance, throughout their time at EIFA School.

    To apply for a scholarship please complete the short online form below.

    Scholarship applications should initially be discussed with the Head of School and a meeting will be arranged which will include the relevant subject specialist.

    Pupils invited to attend a scholarship meeting will be asked to bring supporting documentation with them, which could comprise of:

  • A copy of the pupil’s last school report
  • A portfolio of work which shows the range of technical skills (for artistic fields of study)
  • Examples of work in their chosen area of excellence.
  • Following the initial meeting, the pupil may be asked to complete a task relevant to the area identified on the Scholarship application.

    Recommendations for the award of a scholarship will be made by the Head of School to the School Board, who will make the final determination.
    Please note that scholarships are only available for pupils who are UK residents.

    Please give details of the subject area(s) for which you wish to be considered for a scholarship. Do not select a Modern Foreign Language Scholarship if it is your native language.
    Please provide details in this space of any identified special educational needs, e.g., extra time allowance awarded based on an Educational Psychologist’s report. A copy of the report should be attached to this form.