Webinar: Education and Family Focus – 22nd July 2020


The webinar playback is a chance to find out how leading international schools and service providers are supporting students, families and employers at what remains a critical time of year, for those on an assignment or planning a relocation or repatriation move over the next few months.

As part of the lively discussions, the panel of experts covered:

  • Why a bilingual education is a stepping stone to wider prospects and opportunities – with French/English focus
  • How to choose an international school
  • How Covid-19 has changed the agenda for family and education support
  • Preparing for the new term – learning lessons from lockdown
  • Top tips on settling employees and welcoming new families

The webinar brought together Françoise Zurbach, Head of EIFA International School, London and Johanna Mitchell, Director of education consultants Lumos Education, with Relocate Award winners Brenda Levis, President of destination service provider, NYC Navigator in the US and Robert Stitch, Principal of the Garden International School, Malaysia.

Gael Panhelleux, Executive Director of FOCUS also joined the conversation, along with her guests Mary Burke Tobias, Director of Admissions at Marymount London, and Sophie Tailor, Relocation Manager at relocation management company, Sterling Lexicon.

All were in conversation with Relocate magazine’s Managing Editor, Fiona Murchie. Connect with Relocate Global!

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