Thanks to everyone at EIFA

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Thanks to everyone at EIFA for making Tobiah feel welcome. He was challenged to achieve his best. We found it a wonderful experience to be part of the EIFA community for a while. The Year 3 teachers are excellent.

Margaret August 2022

Our children had a wonderful experience

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Our children went to EIFA school during our two years stay in London.
They had a wonderful experience and we were very satisfied with the teaching level, the availability of the teachers and the shared human values.

Samantha, May 2022

We have been delighted by the warmth

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We have been delighted by the warmth, personal attention and bilingual curriculum of the school in our nearly five years there. The school’s small size gives it a family feel. The children know their classmates as well as pupils from other grades, shared activities and after-school clubs. The school celebrates cultures, languages and different backgrounds to make you feel welcome and valued.

Sarah, April 2022

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