GS–Y1-I just wanted to thank you for

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“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you are both doing for online learning. Omar is really enjoying all the work.
It is also an opportunity for us parents to see what our kids are learning in detail and having more time to help them. But none of that would have happened if your way of teaching wasn’t amazing.”


GS–Y1-It seems school days are

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“It seems school days are quite similar to what they used to, thanks to Google meet, which allows the kids to follow the class and stay in touch with the teachers. I am grateful to the teachers who perfectly adapted, the change was a big challenge and I think it’s a big success. Congrats to all teachers !”


GS–Y1-I just wanted to express

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“I just wanted to express my thanks to both of you for all the effort and hard work that you are putting into the online teaching. For also being available for questions and answering emails swiftly. Thank you for all your support in what you are doing. I am very grateful.”


CP–Y2-Je profite de cette veille

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« Je profite de cette veille de vacances pour vous remercier encore de tous vos efforts, temps et bienveillance durant cette période difficile. J’imagine que vous avez travaillé beaucoup plus qu’a la normale et qu’en plus vous faites face aux soucis du confinement comme nous tous. C’est merveilleux de voir Nathan occupe et heureux de 8.30 à 15.30, et de le voir ravi chaque fois qu’il a un message de l’école, heureux de continuer son apprentissage dans la joie, malgré les circonstances. »


CP–Y2-I can assure you that

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“I can assure you that I am speaking for all the parents when I tell you how grateful to you for not only delivering an online home-schooling experience but exceeding our expectations. Truly remarkable.”


CP–Y2-A huge thank you for the

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“A huge thank you for the outstanding job the school has delivered for us at such short notice. The quality of the online tuition is incredibly insightful, challenging and fun. The whole process is totally seamless thanks to the diligence of the team. We are thrilled by the support we are receiving from the teachers.
Again, thank you so much for your and your team’s diligence and professionalism. Trust that we are hugely appreciative of all the hard work and long hours that have gone into making this possible so quickly.”


CP–Y2-A HUGE thank you

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“A HUGE thank you for the past 3 weeks, it is a journey for all of us, but your kindness, joy, professionalism and massive support. I would not go as far as saying it was a smooth moment, but your patience and support has been highly appreciated and has given Eleonore a sense of ‘normality’ in a very surreal moment.”


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