A fantastic school with brilliant staff

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We have been with EIFA for our daughter Valentine, currently in Year2, since Petite Section and have found the EIFA a fantastic school with brilliant staff, programme and activities. We have recommended it to a few parents already and will continue to do so.

Coralie, janvier 2023

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Nothing but positive feedback

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Nothing but positive feedback on EIFA for PS (nursery) and MS (Reception). The teachers are fantastic, school environment is safe, caring, and academic, and kids are very happy!

Meghan, September 2022

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Kids are happy

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Kids are happy to learn and go to school. They provide an excellent quality of teaching as well as school clubs. very efficient and friendly staff.

Cécile, September 2022

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An excellent school community

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An excellent school community which my kids enjoyed. They learned so much! Proud to have provided my children with an EIFA experience.

Samuel, September 2022

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Very friendly community

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Very friendly community where children are happy. Zoé had the opportunity to have great teachers every year at EIFA.

Marie, September 2022

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