Olivier Cadic – Sénateur

The EIFA is the antithesis of Charles de Gaulle high school. Positioned in the heart of London, it welcomes nearly 300 students from the primary to the international baccalaureate. Parents are international, American, British families attracted to a french curriculum distributed until 3rd grade.

Students are ready to integrate British education or French high school with their choice. The IB program is offered to children who want to continue with EIFA to pass the international baccalaureate. Director Françoise Zurbach arrived 4 years ago, after directing Wix, to take the succession of Sabine Dehon, founder of the EIFA. EIFA’s success lies in its adaptability to parents’ needs. Françoise sums it up as a “a la carte school”. This allows them to focus on each student. A recipe perfectly adapted for children with special needs.

For example, two little ski champion girls can train and compete in the mountains from late December to mid-April while learning remotely.
In the company of Amelie Ersman Mallet we have expressed our full support for this educational approach that enriches and complements the range of French institutions in London.


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