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Once again this year, thanks to the perfect organisation of the Parents' Association, the EIFA community got together to celebrate Halloween. Cette année encore, grâce

Ragged School Museum

Year 2 is learning about what school was like during the Victorian age in London. They traveled to The Ragged School Museum where they took

Science Week

As part of the Science Week, our pupils participated in a variety of STEAM related activities. These included engineering workshops , computer science exploration,

Lunar New Year

This week, EIFA lived to the rhythm of the Lunar New Year. Pupils were able to experience many aspects of Asian culture through art,

Téléthon 2022

Pendant toute la semaine l’EIFA a vécu au rythme du Téléthon. Conférences, vente de crêpes, ventes d’oeuvres d’art collectives, soirée-spectacle, émission de webradio, journée

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